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Dog'n Doors in Luebeck

This will be a NEXT LEVEL photo day.  


Dive into the world of urban dog photography with us. 

Lübeck offers the perfect backdrop for this. We moved through Lübeck and looked for AND found the best spots. 

We also didn't know how many beautiful old doors Lübeck's city center has. We also found other spots and of course marked them as mega photo backgrounds.


fact check

Who is Dini and why are we doing this together?

I've been doing photo days, portfolio days, workshops and photo exhibitions with Dini since 2012 (we've also been friends for years). Dini is a dog trainer and photographer. Her dogs can be seen in movies, TV commercials, books, on dog food packaging, etc. It is always important to her that the dog stays a dog. That's why I enjoy working with her so much. She will guide the dog owners   and help position the models  "photoworthy".   

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