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In August 2022, Fabienne from "FrauSternfotografiert" and I were at the La Perla stud farm, just over an hour's drive north of Madrid. It's incredibly big and beautiful. The foals grow up in large herds, always watched over by their mother, grandmothers and aunts. La Perla has more than 700 hectares of land and sometimes we really had to look for the herds. The stallions are also awesome to watch. Together with Leonie Bühlmann (stud manager) we decided to advertise a long portfolio weekend - that's how this photographers' meeting came about. It was so cold! Temperatures were not much above freezing during the day either, but the broom and French lavender bloomed unperturbed. We couldn't "get enough" of photographing ourselves, there were so many possibilities for images. 

If you want to know more about the stud, please go here:

_BIN8144-high resolution_SabineScharnberg
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Some photos are from participants, namely from Jenny Goessele, Kristina Meier and Silke Storch. Thanks for letting me use them!

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