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Hello, I'm Sabine, a horse photographer from Schleswig-Holstein

in the north of Germany.

Photography is my medicine. I am in nature, do "Horse-watching"   and take pictures. These 3 things together make me very happy and feeling alive. When I lie and wait to capture the next subject, I forget  all worries (and sometimes, unfortunately, even the sense of time).


I do not take all that for granted and I am grateful that I can do it the

way I do.  

A big 'thank you' goes to all my horse models, to theirs owners, to the shooting helpers, photographers of the making-offs, friends and the understanding husband  (Hi, honey!).

A special thank you also goes to Insa Janssen, who took this photo on the right . Also many of the  behind-the-scenes photos, that you can find on this page, are out of her cam.


In Arabia, horses are photographed "differently".  What our European eyes consider a horse photo feature is sometimes despised there (e.g. the white in the eye, head low, etc.)

It's still fun!


Spirit of the wild horses of Bosnia... I was a few days

on their plateau. It is and was one of my most beautiful photo experiences ever.  You also learn that way much about horse behavior ... and about yourself. Here a young stallion approaches very carefully and wants hisimages seen on  the screen. 

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