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Andalusia - so beautiful!!!

our accommodation

We just treated ourselves to a Spanish villa with a pool. Yes, it was crazy, but the conditions were good and it was very refreshing to relax on a lounger in the garden or jump into the pool after a strenuous shoot.


Our phenomenal locations

Beach, pine forests, fields, arenas, woods, stables, meadows - it had everything!


Classic Spanish riding...

... the highlight was Romaine La Garrue, although we also went to see Clemencé Faivre and Alexander Ruggeri. He had so much fun with Djoba and was constantly laughing!


Our participants

Great, as always! We had so much fun and everyone stuck it out until the last shoot, even though it got pretty exhausting at times. Heat, little sleep, lugging around the photo equipment...


..... and of course most important                       HORSES

Except for one horse, they were all PRE or Andalusian. Bonita was the exception as a Hispano-Arabian. Erm, and Klaudia. Breed: Berlin brat with a lot of humor. Shows the Spanish walk almost to perfection, albeit with a roll in her hand.


Wild and free - I like it best

This is simply "my" style of photography.

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