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Unfortunately over! Photos will follow soon!

Update/as of January 2023:

You can still participate to this trip as a 'self-traveller'. We offer shootings for 4 days, we eat together and talk endlessly about horses and photography, but you travel and accommodate yourself. Price for this: EUR 550.00. Welcome! 

Spain 2023

Have you always dreamed of photographing Lusitanos in front of and in a breathtaking setting?

Do you love her flowing manes and powerful movements as much as we do? Then come with Fabienne from "FrauSternfotografiert" and with me to the Lusitano stud "La Perla" in the heart of Spain, an about one hour's drive north of Madrid.

La Perla really is a beautiful and peaceful spot. The sunrises and sunsets offer a fabulous background for photographing horses and the stud farm also has many other great shooting backdrops.

Arrival:                                  May 19, 23 (We will pick you up from Madrid Barajas Airport around noon)

Stay:                                     4 days/3 nights (05/19 - 05/22/23)

Where:                                 At La Perla stud farm (near Segovia). We will live in Saltos Alvus

                                              in wonderfully dreamy and romantic houses about 10 minutes by car

                                              from La Perla. You can find the links to the stud farm and accommodation

                                              in below of this side.

Shootings:                           We plan shootings in the morning and evening hours - depending on weather

                                              and light. In between, we also offer a special shooting in a stable alley, a so-called                                                 "gold leaf shooting". The morning shooting on Monday will be also special...but                                                     more will not be revealed for now...

                                              We take photos in the meadows, in the arena, in the lupins - each free and

                                              set up and in a mega location, which will also be a surprise for you!

Departure:                         We will bring you back to the Airport Madrid Barsaja on May 22 (afternoon).

Photos:                              May also be used commercially. Photo submission to our hosts: 2 photos each

                                            per shooting within 8 weeks, for horses for sale within 10 days.

                                            Riding photos must be approved by the stud before publication.

Price:                                 Includes:  Car transfers from and to the airport and to the respective locations,

                                           to the supermarket, restaurants and accommodation.

                                           Your invest: EUR 1199,00/participant.

Food:                                 We are self catering. There are well stocked supermarkets on site. We can

                                           also go out to eat (will be coordinated in the group).

What you still have to plan for: flights, which fortunately are quite cheap, food, possible costs for travel cancellation insurance, possibly international health insurance, etc., otherwise you have booked the all-round feel-good package with us!



Contact Fabienne or me for more information or questions you may have. Simply write an email to or fill out the contact form here on the homepage if you wish a registration form.





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