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Have you always dreamed of photographing the tough little horses in their Icelandic homeland?  

Do you love her flowing manes just like me and would you like to take images of themin front of and in special locations? Come with me to great spots with wonderful Icelandic horses who will model for us. 

Getting there:           June 05, 23 (We will pick you up in Reykjavik in the afternoon)


Stay:                            7 nights (June 5 - June 12, 2023)


 Where:                      Near Saudarkrokur, about 3-4 hours drive from Reykjavik,  in a cozy Guesthouse in                                         the Skagafjord, naturally surrounded by horses.

shootings:                  3 days at different locations (depending on the weather!!!) and 2 days off

                                     (available for or sightseeing, horseback riding, go with us to                                                                                      a whale watching tour in Haugens or make a tour to the puffins, bathe in natural hot                                         springs,  start a hiking tour or  just lazing around and enjoying nature. One spare day.    


Departure:                On June 12, 2023, we will take you back to Reykjavik in the evening. 

Photos:                      May also be used commercially. Photo submission to our host: 5 photos each

                                    per photographer.

Price:                         Included are: car transfer Reykjavik - Saudarkrokur and back, trips to the                                                              locations and on the two off-days to the desired location (up to 100 km radius                                                    Saudarkrokur - passable without 4WD), wonderful horse shootings,                                                                     Accommodation in cozy double rooms (one four- bed room) – as a group

                                   we have the whole house for ourselves - for EUR 1599,--.

Meals:                       Iceland is unfortunately very expensive in all respects, especially going out to eat. We                                       have therefore a house with  large kitchen, where we prepare our own meals                                                         (self-sufficiency).  There is a supermarket in town.  

What you still have to plan: Flights, which fortunately are quite cheap (also look at the airline "Fly Pay"), if necessary.  Accommodation in Reykjavik, meals, possibly money for excursions on the days off, possibly travel cancellation insurance,  possibly international health insurance, etc.

 Deposit: EUR 500.— (non refundable)

Min. participants: 6 photographers, max. participants: 8 photographers

You will get registrations from me with much

 more information.

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